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ND Counselling

AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey is pleased to be able to offer 2 counselling services, one for young people aged between 13 and 25 who are diagnosed neuro-divergent or who may suspect that they are neuro-divergent (a lack of diagnosis is not a barrier to counselling) and the other for those over the age of 25.

Counselling is aimed to deliver targeted support to people who are experiencing an inability to regulate emotions, low mood, depression or social anxiety.

ND Counselling is Supported by
the Jersey Community Foundation with Funds from the Kezia's F

We are very grateful for their support to enable AMNJ to deliver this much needed service.


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New Referrals to the under 25's are currently suspended while we work through the waiting list and engage additional counsellors - we are very sorry & hope to be open to new referrals again very soon.


AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey appreciates that parents/carers often feel powerless to help their children and are sometimes desperate for them to seek help.  However, it is essential that a young person feels that they have control over their own destiny and journey.


If you are a concerned parent/carer please give this information the young person you support, but it will be up to them to agree to seek help. Our supportive team would be happy to meet with you and your child to discuss your concerns but ultimately it is the young person who needs to feel that counselling support is right for them.

A young person can apply for counselling without their Parents’/Carers’ consent if they are above 13 years of age and deemed to be ‘Gillick Competent’. This means that the Counsellor feels that the child is mature enough to make decisions about things that affect them. In an initial meeting to discuss the young person’s needs, they will be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire which ascertains whether they fully understand the counselling process and any implications that may arise.

Gillick competence and Fraser guidelines | NSPCC Learning

AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey will never share with parents/carers what the young person has spoken about. The only exception is if the Counsellor feels that the young person, or someone connected to them, is a risk of harm, in which case the Counsellor will discuss with the young person what action needs to be taken.


We take our responsibility to safeguard each young person extremely seriously and will ensure that we have made adequate assessment/enquiry into the mental state and safety of the young person at each session.

If the young person is already receiving counselling support from CAMHS, school counsellor, a charity, private counselling practitioner or other service they will not be able to access counselling support with AllMatters Neurodiverse Jersey. This is because each counsellor has a slightly different approach and receiving counselling from more than one practitioner can create confusion.

Please use the form below (scroll to bottom of the page) to register your interest and a member of our team will get in touch - thank you

New Referrals are currently suspended while we work through the waiting list and engage additional counsellors - we are very sorry & hope to be open to new referrals again very soon.


Please click on the link to download our Parent & Carer Counselling Brochure

If you are over the age of 25 but not a parent or carer but would like to discuss

counselling options - please complete the form below and our Lead Counsellor will get in touch for an initial chat - thank you

Parent Carer Counselling Sign Up Only
New Referrals for Under 25's  Currently Suspended due to Waiting List

Basic Information

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Has the person been diagnosed by a health professional with any mental health conditions?
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Has the person been assessed as neuro-divergent? If 'yes', please give details.

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